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Gateway to Fast & Secure Crypto Banking Experience Get a non-custodial DeFi crypto wallet and empower your customers with enhanced security and total control of cryptos and private keys. With Antier, over 20 global finance companies have expanded their DeFi portfolios to more currencies and investment protocols.

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The centralized structure of crypto wallets confined the scope to usual storage or just an interface to transfer cryptocurrency value. Prone to single point of failure, centralized wallets come with:

  • Enhanced risk of identity theft

  • Risk of infrastructure downtime

  • Risk of government shutdown

  • Limited investment opportunities

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How is a DeFi Crypto Banking Wallet better than traditional crypto wallets?

Get a non-custodial DeFi crypto wallet and empower your customers with enhanced security and total control of cryptos and private keys. With Antier, over 20 global finance companies have expanded their DeFi portfolios to more currencies and investment protocols.

DeFi Wallet

  • User is the custodian Trustless / Trust is decentralized
  • User owns the private keys
  • No KYC required
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  • Integrates with all DeFi platforms
  • Supports all asset based and protocol-based currencies

Traditional Crypto Wallets

  • Product owner is the custodian / Trust is centralized
  • Product owner owns the private keys
  • KYC is mandatory
  • May or may not integrate with DeFi platforms
  • May or may not support protocol- based currencies

How does a Decentralized Crypto Wallet work?

Deployed over a blockchain, the wallet infrastructure is hosted over millions of nodes. Since there’s no single point of control or failure, the DeFi crypto wallet is ever-running, fortified from hacks, and immune to cross-border regulations.

Moreover, they are integrated with web3 wallets and the user does not have to leave the wallet app to connect with other platforms

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Signature Features in a DeFi Crypto Wallet


Withdrawal/deposit of fiat currency transferred directly to visa/master enabled prepaid cards.

Vendor Payments

Instantly pay for consumer services in cryptocurrencies as fiat equivalent. Use the QR-Code scanner or chat payment window.


The in-built function greatly improves the token swapping experience without having to use a separate wallet integration service.

In-chat Transactions

The chatting module enables easy and quick chat between the contacts. In addition, it allows users to initiate a payment request or send/receive cryptocurrencies within the chat box itself.


With DeFi staking wallet development, businesses can empower their users to stake assets and participate in trading activities across DeFi platforms.

Yield Farming

On-demand yield farming development expertise to enable users to farm their tokens in investments and earn maximum yield thereby addressing the liquidity needs.

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Mobile Wallets

Most wallets are mobile wallets. These can be accessed as mobile apps and provide all functions for the on the go users.


Web Wallets

These wallets are stored in the web browsers. Users should secure their private keys.


Hardware Wallets

These are physical storage devices such as a flash drive. They can be accessed upon connecting to the web. Hardware wallets provide complete fortification from hackers.


Desktop Wallets

These Wallets can be installed on any regular computer system such as a desktop or a laptop. They should be connected to the web with total security.

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A DeFi crypto wallet is a non-custodial wallet where the users have complete access and control of their private keys and funds. DeFi wallets are at the core of the concept “be your own bank”.
DeFi wallets satisfy the main purpose of cryptocurrency – that is to create a transparent financial ecosystem that is available to everyone and operates without any type of central authority.
When an individual (sender) sends a crypto asset to another individual (receiver), the former is signing off his/her ownership of the coins to the latter’s wallet address. If the receiver wants to spend these coins, he must have the private key that matches with the public address of the receiver.
The cost of crypto wallet development depends on the features that you want to integrate into your wallet. However, building a white label wallet requires less development cost and time compared to developing a custom wallet from scratch.
You can earn money from DeFi by investing some Ethereum into your wallet. Leave some ETH on your wallet for paying the gas fees for using the network. To earn more RoI you can invest your ETH in the best DeFi lending platform. Whenever you want to liquidate your interest income, simply use your private key and cash out your investment.

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